The Book

The ski-hill’s new meter theory tool kit adds quality teaching resources to benefit individuals with information to develop meter skills and knowledge required to understand meter.

Parents who support children learning meter theory basics will find the book provides a reference to learn alongside their children. Teachers can adapt the Ski-hill Graph Pedagogy meter fundamentals materials for most teaching settings where the meter is taught.

The famous educator Maria Montessori taught children through a philosophical approach echoed in her statements where she maintained the importance of teaching students how experiential learning and making leads to deeper learning (1995) that is, the child is better positioned to be able to do the action by themselves. I present this book to you with this spirit of education to empower individuals because ski-hill graph processes enable students to understand more about their meter experiences.

The intention of the book is not to limit materials aimed at music teachers interested in modern meter theory, to only one demographic. Everyone is musical by virtue of being human, and music is important for good living and well-being across lifespans! Ski-hill Graph Pedagogy is research-based and the reason my studio motto is “Live the Music You Love.”

In summary, ‘meter’ as concept does not match its conventional label: the time signature, and this book sets a pathway towards solutions: ski-hill graphs through which to teach meter fundamentals.

Teachers include listening in lessons, and creative approaches, yet all too often, time signatures are defaulted to for meter fundamentals, including for meter in music examinations, and to represent meter.

Ski-hill Graph Pedagogy can apply to most teaching styles, and aims to contribute solutions to inclusion in culturally diverse education. If you want to develop your students’ listening skills for later more complex studies of the meter, I hope this book inspires you to teach the meter fundamentals.

All this and more in the book – Enjoy!